Seacare Maritime Training Scheme (SMTS)
:. About SMTS

About SMTS


The Seacare Maritime Training Scheme (SMTS) was established by Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) in year 2008. The aim of the scheme is to man SOS Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) vessels with quality Seafarers. SMTS caters to the training, re-training and pre-sea training needs of ratings.


Objectives of SMTS include:


Identifying, develop and implement educational programs for SOS members and other seamen who are serving or planning to serve onboard vessels covered by SOS CBA.

Continuously identifying, monitoring and evaluating new maritime training and education methodologies and systems.

Collaborations with maritime authorities, employers, institutions and other interested parties to promote seafaring as a rewarding career.
Enhancing SOS membersí employability through continuous education, training and upgrading.

The SMTS is catered to Seafarers (Ratings) onboard vessels or will be serving onboard vessels covered under SOS CBA and whose employers are participating in this scheme.

Activities of SMTS may include:
Scholarships & Sponsorships
Study Missions
Investment in Training Projects (Singapore & Overseas)
Set-up partnership & Stake in Training Centres
SOS with its membersí welfare and interest at heart would continuously source for latest training methodology to train our members.
Training activities conducted




1. Maritime English Wuhan & Nantong, China
2. Maritime English & Safety Awareness Wuhan, China
3. Maritime Technical Skills & Elementary English Dalian, China
4. Basic Catering Cebu, Philippines
5. Seamaster English Wuhan, China
6. Technical Enhancement Program Ipoh & Kuala Kubu Bharu, Malaysia
7. Cooks Training with Maritime English Nantong, China
8. Maritime English for Deck & Engine Ratings Nantong, China
9. Culinary Training Program Manila, Philippines
10. MLC Certified Cooks Training with Maritime English Nantong, China
11. MLC Certified Cooks Training Singapore, Manila Philippines

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