Maritime Employers


SOS CBA covers all categories of seafarers with the exception of officers.

The objectives are:

To promote good industrial relations between members and their employers.

To promote job opportunities for members.

To conduct industrial and related matters on behalf of Union and/or members.

Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)

SOS CBA covers all categories of seamen who are members of the union with the exception of officers.

CBA signed between the Shipping Company and the Union, are treated as legal documents under the Industrial Relations Act. The Collective Agreements are duly registered with the Singapore Industrial Arbitration Court (IAC).


  • Singapore Flag / Singapore Crew Agreement (SSA)
  • Singapore Flag / Foreign Crew Agreement (SFA)
  • ITF-SMOU/SOS TCC Agreement (FFA)
  • ITF-SMOU/SOS IBF Agreement (FFA)

Kindly contact Ms Koh Soo Lee @ 6379 5679 to request for specimen copy of Collective Agreement.

ITF 16-point Questionnaire

FAQ on FFA Application

What are the requirements that the Company has to fulfill before entering CA with the Union ?

The Company has to complete an ITF 16-Point Questionnaire. The completed questionnaire shall be forwarded to the ITF for consultation, through the Union.

How long does the ITF take to approve the application?

Normally, it will take about 2 to 4 weeks.

What will be the procedure after the application has been approved?

The Union will prepare the necessary documents (Special Agreement, Collective Agreement etc) for signing.

On application of ITF Blue certificate, the Company has to prepare the Seamen Employment Contracts, Ship Articles, Crew List, Manning Scale, Insurance Exemption Certificate, and a Bank Draft, in favour of International Transport Workers’ Federation.

On application of ITF Green certificate, the company has to prepare crew list and a bank draft, in favour of International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Copies of the required documents will be forwarded to ITF for their reference.