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The Seacare Maritime Training Scheme (SMTS) was launched in 2008 to produce quality seafarers by training and retraining ratings working onboard vessels covered by SOS CBA.

Objectives of SMTS:

  • Identify, develop and implement educational programs for SOS members and seamen who are serving or planning to serve onboard vessels covered by SOS CBA.
  • Identify, monitor and evaluate new maritime training and education methodologies and systems.
  • Collaborate with maritime authorities, employers, institutions and interested parties to promote seafaring as a rewarding career.
  • Enhance SOS members’ employability via continuous education, training and upgrading.

The SMTS is catered to ratings who are or will be working onboard vessels covered by SOS CBA and whose employers are participating in the scheme.

The Seacare Medical Scheme (SMS) was launched in 2005 to provide medical and dental-related benefits for members and shipping companies participating in the scheme.

Objective of SMS:

  • To provide SOS members and shipping companies participating in SMS with medical and dental-related benefits.
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Since 2012, some 14,843 Gift Certificates (GCs) have been issued to shipping companies that are participating in the Seacare Sailors Home Scheme (SSS).

GCs have since been replaced by E-Vouchers from 1st September 2019.

Objective of SSS:

  • To provide accommodation and services for the benefit of SOS members, international seafarers and the shipping community.

SSS (till 31 March 2021)


E-Vouchers that are allocated to Qualified Shipping Companies can be used to redeem any of the following:

  • Room night/s at The Seacare Hotel
  • Seminar Package at The Maritime Hall
  • Staff Gathering Package at Club@52

Complimentary Packages that are allocated to Qualified Shipping Companies can be used to redeem the following:

  • Seminar Packages at The Maritime Hall or at Club@52


To be eligible under the Scheme, a Qualified Shipping Company must be covered by the SOS Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), and is participating in the Scheme and have no arrears under the Scheme.


1. E-Vouchers / Complimentary packages are not exchangeable for cash.

Expired E- Vouchers / Complimentary cannot be utilised after their expiry dates.

2. Advance reservation or booking for hotel room(s), seminar package or staff gathering package is required. Reservation is subject to availability.

3. The benefit can be accumulated within the same financial year and any unused amount cannot be carried forward.

5. The benefit shall not be extended beyond the stipulated validity date.


For reservation of Hotel Room at The Seacare Hotel, please call (65) 6818 2688 or e-mail to

For Seminar Package or Staff Gathering Package bookings, please call: +65-63795643 / 91822199 or email to: for more information.

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