Benefits under the Seacare Medical Scheme (SMS), Seafarers’ Provident Fund Scheme (SPF), Seacare Sailors’ Home Scheme (SSS) and Benefit n Welfare Scheme for eligible members are subject to terms and conditions.

Benefits Application FORM

Social Activities

Besides the membership benefits, a spectrum of social and recreational activities are organised for members.

The activities encourage family togetherness, promote healthy lifestyle and enhance the bonds between members.

Training Grant

To promote skills-upgrading, members are offered training grants for maritime related courses and non maritime related courses

The approved courses are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure relevance.

Application Procedure

Procedure – Application & Claim

  1. Ensure that any course(s) you intend to enrol is within the Approved Course List a copy of which can be obtained from Please note that only these courses are eligible for the training grant
  2. Submit the completed SOS Training Grant application form to the Membership & Welfare Services Division for endorsement. The form can be obtained from Membership & Welfare Division.
  3. Proceed to enrol and make payment of course fee to the training provider. Please note that you are to keep the original receipt issued to you by
    the course provider for claiming purpose later.
  4. Inform the Membership & Welfare Division once the course schedule is confirmed within 6 months from date of application or submission of the SOS Training Grant application form. The training grant application will be cancelled if no confirmation of schedule is received within 6 months from date of application or submission. In this instance, member has to re-apply with the Membership & Welfare Division and repeat procedure (1) and (2).
  5. Upon completion of the course or module+, submit the following to the Membership & Welfare Division for reimbursement of course fee and/or training allowance (within 90 calendar days from completion of modules/course/training or last date of 1st attempt, whichever is earlier):-
    • The original receipt or in the absence of such original receipt, a proof of payment of course fee or a receipt with Certified True Copy stamp by Training Provider; and
    • A copy of the certificate or licence or in the absence of such certificate or licence, the result from the training provider; and
    • The attendance list from the training provider or in the absence of such attendance list, a letter from training provider confirming the number of training hours attended.
  6. + For module courses that lead to course certification, only the course fee may be claimed at the end of the module by submitting the required documents. The training allowance can only be claimed upon obtaining the course certification at the end of all the prescribed modules. Please refer to important notes (11) on modular course claim.
  7. Having adhered to the procedure and met the requirements specified, reimbursement of SOS training grant will be made within two weeks from the date of submission of item (5).

Important Notes

  1. Only the training allowance will be granted if the course fee is fully sponsored by other organisation. The above procedure applies. If course fee is sponsored in partial, the Union will grant the remaining course fee and Training Allowance will still be granted.
  2. Reimbursement of course fee and training allowance will be granted only if the rate of attendance is more than 75%.
  3. Course fee will be reimbursed as stated on the original receipt issued by the training provider (excluding but not limited to miscellaneous fees such as taxes, registration fee, license fee, renewal fee, material fee, test/exam/assessment fee, booking fee).
  4. Training allowance will be granted for the actual hours attended for theory and practical lessons (excluding hours taken for tests, examinations, assessments and absenteeism).
  5. The course fee and training allowance will be paid as follow :-
    • Maritime : Pass – 100% Fail – 100%
    • Non-Maritime : Pass – 100% Fail – 80%
  6. The Training Allowance is computed at $20 per 8-hour and maximum training allowance is capped at $300 per course.
  7. The number of courses entitled for training grant is two (2) courses per calendar year per member. Note that the year of claim follows the commencement date of course.
  8. A member shall not be permitted to apply for any course (s) that the Union has previously sponsored him, except for courses that requires re-validation or re-licencing by the Authority.
  9. For courses that are eligible for external funding from other agencies e.g. MPA Grant and NTUC UTAP, SOS will forward all claims as required by the terms and conditions and procedures of the agencies. Applications for external funding are subject to procedures and conditions set by the agencies. Members will be notified of the status as and when information is available.
  10. Member may wish to check with the course provider directly for more details on the courses. The Standing Committee in-charge of members welfare and benefits reserves the right to amend, delete and review any procedures or courses in its absolute discretion from time to time. Availability of courses offered at the discretion of the relevant training institutions or course providers.

General Procedures

The following are the guidelines on benefits. Actions as stipulated will be taken for non-adherence.

General Procedures
Transfer of Entitlement/Benefit
The members who make such transfer shall be barred from social activities of the Union for 1 year with effect from date of such transfer.
The members who make such transfer shall be barred from further social activities of the Union for 3 years with effect from date of such transfer.
Training Grants
Training Grants are always subject to the conditions imposed by the sponsoring institutions. If the Union has to pay a penalty because of a breach of the conditions of a training grant, the Union will make the offending member pay the penalty, unless he can show good reasons acceptable to the Standing Committee in-charge of members’ welfare and benefits. If the member does not pay the penalty, he shall be debarred from applying for further training grants. He shall continue to enjoy other benefits except that the Union shall have the right to offset the amount owing by him to the Union against any sum of money due from the Union to him.